“We believe that the best way to honor our past is with a clear and inspiring vision for our future. As we embrace this vision, we think about the hope and possibility it ignites. The fire for learning and the discovery we see in our students, the ways our teachers light the way forward, and the way our facilities and programs fuel growth – these are the things that drive us. It begins with a spark – that flash of possibility that inspires us all.”

— Scott Young, Head of School
Formally launched on October 15, 2021, the second phase of The SPARK Campaign will raise nearly $13 million for exemplary academic spaces, athletics and outdoor learning, and to foster a deeper sense of belonging for all at Park.

The SPARK Campaign Inclusivity Promise

As Park approaches the critical work of capital fundraising, we do so at a time of unparalleled institutional commitment to inclusivity. We are very excited to see our vision for the future realized – and are just as excited about how we will realize this vision together, in a way that feels right for Park. Too often, capital campaigns are marked by exclusivity, focused on those with the capacity to make the biggest gifts, and kept quiet among the broader community until the very end. Importantly, our campaign will not be structured in that way. The SPARK Campaign will:

  • prioritize early and frequent communication with the full community.
  • abbreviate the traditional campaign “quiet phase” focused on securing early leadership support.
  • strive to provide more equitable access to leadership, information, and opportunities throughout the Campaign. 
  • form a large committee of campaign captains from diverse backgrounds within the Park parent, alumni, grandparent, parent of alumni, and faculty and staff communities to guide the campaign. 
  • be co-chaired by a group of racially and socio-economically diverse Park leaders.
  • recognize and celebrate the full scope of community engagement in the Campaign, including gifts of all sizes and volunteerism.

We expect this inclusivity promise to evolve over the course of the Campaign, and we appreciate your partnership as we trailblaze this new fundraising path together. Successful fundraising should be, above all else, a tremendous act of community building.

SPARK Campaign Steering Committee

Kimberly Boyd, Assistant Head of School for Finance & Operations

Ashley Harmon, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Jamie Harmon, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Julia Lloyd Johannsen ’93, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Pete Johannsen, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Harold Miller, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Lesley Miller, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Ted Noon, Chair, Development Committee

Shannon O’Leary, Director of Development

Joe Robbins, Chair, Board of Trustees

Susanna Whitaker Waters ’99, SPARK Campaign Co-chair

Scott Young, Head of School

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To learn more about The SPARK Campaign, please contact:

Shannon O’Leary
Director of Development