: December 14, 2022 : Suzy Akin : 0

The beginning of each new school year is always exciting, full of promise and possibility, and as we look forward to all that’s ahead, it’s important to reflect on the good work that brought us this far. In sharing this State of the School: 2021-2022 Report on Progress and Philanthropy, we are proud to say that The Park School is thriving—and its strength grows out of the amazing work accomplished last year through the collaborative efforts and commitment of so many.

This message from Head of School Scott Young and Board Chair Joe Robbins opens this year’s State of the School report, coming to you in the mail in the weeks ahead! We hope you will enjoy reviewing important updates on Academic Program; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Admission; Operations and Planning; and so much more.

As Joe and Scott observe in their letter, “It’s exciting to see what we accomplish when we come together in support of Park’s mission. We are excited by all the possibilities ahead.

Please enjoy a preview of the State of the School report here.