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What We’re Excited About: Summer Construction Updates

By Kimberly Boyd, Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations It has been another busy summer at Park! Even as we hosted Summer at Park and Creative Arts at Park camps, we advanced exciting projects that will transform student experience in important ways. Here’s what we’ve been working on…. WEST BUILDING UPDATES Building upon the momentum of last summer, the construction team from J Calnan and Associates came back…

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SPARK Co-chair Corner: Summer 2022

Summer is sometimes imagined to be a sleepy time at schools. As a school leader, I can tell you that is not the case. Some of my most productive and impactful work happens in the summer, and I know Park approaches the summer with a similar mindset. Of course there is time for rest and relaxation… and professional development, summer programs, team retreats, curricular review, implementation of new systems, and…

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Video: Turf Field & Adventure Equipment

We look forward to all the benefits Park’s new turf field and adventure equipment will bring to our Physical Education and Athletics programs — enriching the Whole Child experience at Park! Watch our video to learn about these program enhancements from Park’s academic leaders and coaches.

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Beyond “Gym Class”

(Above: Celebrating the achievement of having completed the PreK marathon!) Ask a Park Lower Division student what their favorite class is, and chances are, the answer will be “Recess.” Or “P.E.” If they say “gym,” someone will quickly remind them that “it’s not gym class…it’s P.E.” The gymnasium is a place. Physical Education is a class, and it’s so foundational to Park’s mission that every student gets to have P.E.…

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What We’re Excited About: The SPARK Match for Community & Belonging

At Park, we believe that every child deserves to feel known, seen, and heard, and to learn and thrive in a supportive community. We believe that the best education happens when children value and learn from differences in background and perspective, and when they know they truly belong. Watch our new video below to hear from Head of School Scott Young and other Park leaders about the ways in which…

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Be A Spark: Alice Perera Lucey ’77

I have seen students whose lives have been transformed because finally they, their teachers, and their families understand how they learn best and understand what the right, specific support looks like. Educational testing can make an enormous difference, and every student at Park should have access to this should they need it.  In this year when we celebrate Park’s past, present, and future, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone…

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What’s Ahead: Park’s New Turf Field

Early April welcomed the launch of work on Park’s new turf field, which will open for the 2022-23 school year. This important project is a valuable programmatic investment in line with our commitment to the whole child. And, we have planned this project with environmental and health and safety considerations at the forefront of our decisions. Programmatic Benefits The addition of a turf field will enhance Park’s whole child program,…