: June 6, 2023 : Emma Hobart-Sheran : 0

The cornerstone of Park’s program is academic excellence, affirming high standards of scholarship while encouraging each child to develop to their greatest potential. The income from a $500,000 investment in Park’s endowment through The SPARK Campaign will support educational testing for students with learning differences. This fund ensures that economic barriers do not prevent Park families and educators from fully understanding a child’s learning profile and what they need to thrive. 

It also helps students advocate for themselves and pave a way for a positive and inclusive learning experience. 

A recent recipient of this investment shares her observations with Debbie Henry, Director of Academic Support, about the process and its impact on her daughter. 

The greatest thing is being able to name what we always knew about my child’s learning but didn’t understand to be able to name it, dyslexia. Knowing about her learning style has really improved her confidence. Having this information has changed how our family talks about her learning style. She’s been able to identify what works for her and to say ‘I’m able to do this.’ She’s able to tell other people about her learning differences and speak up about it, I think this helps everyone. It helps other kids with learning differences feel like it’s ok.