: January 30, 2024 : Emma Hobart-Sheran : 0

Brian and Lindsey Swett with their children Arnie ’30 and Penn.

Park has been a true family school for us, as Brian and Brian’s sister Sarah ’98 attended, and now Arnie and hopefully younger brother Penn will soon join. It’s amazing that some of the same teachers that taught Brian are still practicing their craft now, and shows the dedication and supportive environment of the Park community. We love Park’s focus on the whole student and adapting teaching methods to a particular student’s needs. 

Arnie is a high-energy kid who loves the opportunities to apply his energy in productive ways. Whether it’s active learning outdoors in science, learning new sports in PE, games during and after school, or learning outdoor survival skills in enrichment classes, Arnie is able to channel his energy into active learning. He has a growing cohort of friends he loves spending time with and feeling part of a community.

We re-joined Park at the tail end of the pandemic, but protocols still made getting to know other families hard. We’ve been excited in the past two years to get to know the families of Arnie’s classmates, many of whom have become close friends.  We’ve also greatly enjoyed the Park community events, from the fall picnic to Yule Festival to Springfest, and feel a part of the Park family. Brian’s mother, Laurie, has also greatly enjoyed being a Park grandmother, from grandparent’s activities to regular Wednesday pickups.

Park has continued to evolve over the decades our family has had the privilege of being a part of the community. Investments in physical assets, the amazing faculty and educational programming, and support for families of all means to attend are critical for Park to continue to be the amazing place we love for our family and future families. We’re fortunate to be in a position to support The SPARK Campaign and are truly committed to its vision.

Establishing a high ropes course and programming at Park was particularly meaningful for us. Brian’s father, Bob, was a big fan of such programs. He passed away suddenly when Brian was in the 8th grade at Park, and the tremendous support of the Park family during that tragic time was profoundly impactful. To support such a course at Park now, that Arnie and his classmates can enjoy, seemed very fitting.

The experiences, learning, and growth of students in Pre-K through Grade 8 shape who a person becomes. A gift to SPARK is a gift to current and future Park students which will impact them for a lifetime.

We would love many more families to have the experience we have had over multiple generations. And a few fiercely competitive parent-student athletic competitions.