: May 15, 2024 : Emma Hobart-Sheran : 0

What do you love most about Park?

We love that our children are so happy each day when they walk into school and that they are truly known by their teachers and the Park community.

What would your children say they love most about 

The girls would say they love their teachers, their friends and chocolate milk day on Fridays!

What are some of the highlights for your family?

Yule Fest is a highlight for our Family.  We love listening to Children Go Where I Send Thee and Light One Candle on the way to School in the mornings leading up to Yule Fest.     

You made a leadership gift to The SPARK Campaign. What motivated you to step forward so quickly to support this vision for Park?

Park has been such a positive experience for both us as parents and for our kids and we were compelled to give back.  We were happy to support the school as it pursues it’s mission going forward.

Is there a project within SPARK that is most exciting to you?

We are particularly excited about the reimagining of Park’s campus with the driveway project.  The idea that the school will be better able to utilize its acreage and that students will be able to more easily explore the campus is really exciting.

Park’s culture of philanthropy is rooted in community and collective impact, and we hope every family will participate in a personally meaningful way. If you were encouraging a friend to support SPARK, what would you say to them?

We view the elementary school years as deeply foundational in our girls’ lives and are gratified that their time at Park has been such a positive part of their life experience so far. We believe that it is important for current families to continue the legacy of philanthropy and service at Park and to help in any way possible to ensure the institution continues to move forward in a position of strength.   

As an alumna, Eliza, and with your family at Park, what is your family’s hope for the School’s future? 

Park was, is and will always be a very special place to me.  While much has changed since my days at Park in the 1990s, the core values of a Park education remain. My hope is that my children will come away from Park with a similar experience. I want the school to continue to pursue its mission guided by its core principles and for a Park education to be available to deserving students and their families for a long time to come.