: May 16, 2024 : Emma Hobart-Sheran : 0

Expanding on the work of the last decade, we are now poised to transform our campus and community experience, carrying on the legacy of visionary leadership and bold investment that has shaped Park’s history.

In 1971, Park opened the 171 Goddard Avenue campus, moving from a small school building in residential Brookline to the pastoral campus and light-filled building that has been our home for the last 52 years. This moment changed the course of Park’s future and is forever honored by the “71” in our school address. From the first glimmer of an idea, Park families stepped forward to bring the dream to life, partnering with school leaders to make possible the acquisition of land adn the funding of the new construction. The campus we now enjoy, and the generations have enjoyed in the years since 1971, represents the legacy of many generous and visionary Park community members. 

We look forward to sharing our vision with you as we shape our legacy for the next generation of Park students.

We envision ​​a pedestrian-friendly campus that unlocks the promise of our sprawlign acreage by integrating our stellar indoor learning spaces with the potential offered by our natural environment.

We envision a new hub for community–and for gathering–-at Park. A space unlike any other on campus, the Community Commons will be activated from morning to night supporting dining, academic program, and community functions in a fully indoor-outdoor experience.

We envision outdoor spaces for student-centered learning, mindfulness, intentional community gatherings, discovery, and unstructured play.

This transformation extends the inspiration that shaped Park in 1971, rising to meet the current moment with a powerful vision for the future. Our generosity and leadership in this historic moment–our collective legacy–lives beyond the span of any one child’s Park journey to impact generations, just as the legacy of those in 1971 has shaped the lives of thousands of students since.